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Purilens, Plus Preservative-Free Saline, 3 Bottles, 4 fl oz (120 ml) Each

Purilens, Plus Preservative-Free Saline, 3 Bottles, 4 fl oz (120 ml) Each

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Product Overview


  • Sterile and Preservative-Free Saline Solution
  • pH Balanced to Eye's Natural Tears for Superior Comfort
  • For Dry and Sensitive Eyes
  • For All Contact Lens Wearers
  • Maximizes Contact Lens Comfort and Clarity
  • Advanced Aseptic Packaging
  • TSA Compliant Carry On Only
  • Sterile A

PuriLens Plus Preservative-Free Saline solution is a sterile, nonpreserved, aqueous, isotonic solution of sodium chloride, buffered with boric acid and sodium borate.

Indications: PuriLens® Plus Preservative-Free Saline is indicated for use following proper lens disinfection as recommended by the eye care practitioner. PuriLens® Plus Preservative-Free Saline is for rinsing soft (hydrophilic), rigid gas permeable and hard contact lenses prior to insertion. This solution may also be used as an insertion solution for large diameter (scleral) contact lenses, as a rinse for contact lens cases, and may be used as needed throughout the day to rinse contact lenses.

Expiration Date

10/31/2025 00:00:00




Material Composition Concentration
Sodium Chloride 7.7 g/L 0.770%
Boric Acid 2.84 g/L 0.284%
Sodium Borate 0.3 g/L 0.030%
Water for Injection Quantity Sufficient for 1 Liter 98.916%

Suggested Use

See Instructions for Use for important safety information. Inside the bottle cap is a molded insert that will pierce the container. To open the bottle, first remove the cap and discard the white plastic restraining ring. Avoid touching the tip of the bottle. Replace the cap then press down and turn the cap clockwise to pierce the container. Re-close the bottle after use. Always wash and rinse your hands before you handle your lenses. Rinse and clean your contact lenses each time you remove them. Rinse your lens thoroughly with PuriLens Plus Preservative-Free Saline by holding the lens between the forefinger and thumb of one hand and directing a steady stream of the saline onto the lens for ten (10) seconds. Always rinse the same lens first, right or left, to avoid mix-ups, and put that lens into the correct chamber of a storage case. Repeat the procedure for the second lens.


  • Always thoroughly wash hands when handling contact lenses.
  • Never re-use solution.
  • Do not use if unused, unopened bottle is damaged and leaking.
  •  Fresh solution must be used daily.
  • After breaking original seal, keep container tightly closed with provided cap when not in use.
  • Record date opened in the space provided on bottle.
  • Discard bottle and contents 14 days after opening.
  • Not to be used as an eyedrop or to disinfect contact lenses.
  • Do not change your contact lens care system without consulting your eye care professional.
  • See Instructions for Use for important safety information.

Store product at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.