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Paws & Pals

Paws & Pals, Tear Clear, Buildup Removing Wipes, For Dogs, 100 Wipes

Paws & Pals, Tear Clear, Buildup Removing Wipes, For Dogs, 100 Wipes

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  • Helps To Reduce, Remove, Prevent
  • Non-Irritating & Formulated Without Alcohol, MEA or DEA, Sulfate, Parabens
  • For Dogs Over 12 Weeks
  • The Good Stuff

Paws & Pals® Tear Clear Build-Up Removing Wipes gently and safely remove tear buildup and reduce the look of stains caused by tears, saliva, and mucus from your dog's fur with natural ingredients, like coconut and palm oil based cleansers. 


Natural Coconut Oil helps condition and soothe sensitive areas, while removing unwanted buildup.

Expiration Date

01/01/2025 00:00:00




Water, plant-based surfactants derived from coconut and palm, preservative.

Suggested Use

Step 1 - Turn sealed container upside down and shake before use to re-saturate wipes. 

Step 2 - Gently rub stained areas, moving away from the eyes, avoiding direct eye contact and abrasive rubbing. 

Step 3 - Use wipes daily until buildup and stains are removed, then continue weekly to prevent future buildup and stains.


Keep out of reach of children. Not for human or animal consumption. Use as directed. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If eye contact occurs, rinse with water immediately. Always wash your hands after use. If swallowed, seek medical attention.