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Lansinoh, ComfortFit Flanges, 36 mm, 2 Flanges

Lansinoh, ComfortFit Flanges, 36 mm, 2 Flanges

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Product Overview


  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Flexible for a Secure Fit
  • Works with Lansinoh® Breast Pumps
  • Pump
  • BPA Free

A proper fit is essential for a mom´s comfort and maximum milk flow. An improperly fitting flange can cause discomfort and impact milk let-down and flow.

  • Correct fit: Nipple is easily drawn into tunnel and moves freely
  • Too small: Nipple rubs along flange tunnel
  • Too large: Too much room around nipple in the flange

Soft and flexible ComfortFit® flanges ensure ideal fit and secure, comfortable pumping.

Expiration Date

01/01/2027 00:00:00