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Himalayan Chandra

Himalayan Chandra, Neti Pot, Eco Sinus Cleansing System, 3 Piece Kit

Himalayan Chandra, Neti Pot, Eco Sinus Cleansing System, 3 Piece Kit

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  • Share • Serve • Make a Difference
  • Soothes Dry Nasal Passages
  • Gently Washes Away Dust, Pollen and Irritants
  • Removes Excess Mucus Naturally
  • Enhances Sinus and Immune Support with Neti Wash Plus® Daily Neti Pot Boost
  • BPA Free
  • Biodegradable Neti Pot
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Good for You
  • The Original Since 1972


The durable Eco Neti Pot is produced with all-natural renewable resources. This petroleum-free, nontoxic, plant-based material (polylactic acid or PLA) uses 65% less energy to produce than traditional petroleum-based materials. Commercially biodegradable and compostable.

Nasal wash benefits:

  • Improves nasal and sinus health
  • Cleans mucus and congestion
  • Helps ease the symptoms of cold, allergies, and post-nasal drip
  • Moisturizes dry nasal passages
  • And much more

Why nasal wash?

To wash away mucus, dust, pollen, and other irritants and impurities that the nose filters and traps.

Nasal irrigation studies show that:

Nasal wash is an effective way to relieve symptoms and improve the health of patients with sinus problems, and may reduce dependencies on expensive medications.

Eco Neti Pot™

Our best-selling Eco Neti Pot makes nasal irrigation easy and comfortable. This durable neti pot is perfect for travel. The pot, with its distinctive shape and our trademarked lotus design, dispenses the perfect rate of flow to optimally cleanse the sinus passages. Made from Ingeo, a plant-based, petroleum-free material, this neti pot is 65% more energy efficient to produce than the plastic alternative and is biodegradable.

Eco Neti Pot Salt™

Refillable eco jar for use with the sinus cleansing system. Neti Pot Salt is 99.99% USP grade salt, the highest purity salt commercially available. It contains no additives or anti-caking agents. This refillable 12 oz jar and perfect- measure spoon are made from the same environmentally conscious material as the Eco Neti Pot.

Neti Wash Plus® Daily Neti Pot Boost

Aromatic zinc-free Neti Wash Plus Daily Boost contains 4 herbal extracts and essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, and menthol to cool, give relief from congestion, and invigorate. In conjunction with a nasal wash, it mildly cleanses the sinuses and helps to nourish and moisturize the nasal passages.

Expiration Date

05/01/2025 00:00:00




Eco Neti Pot Salt™:

Pharmaceutical-grade sodium chloride (99.99%) USP.

Neti Wash Plus® Daily Neti Pot Boost:

Chinese phellodendron bark (phellodendron amurense), goldenseal root (hydrastis canadensis), barberry root bark (berberis vulgaris), chinese coptis root (coptis chinensis), peppermint oil (mentha piperita), eucalyptus oil (eucalyptus globulus), menthol (mentha spp.), grapefruit seed extract, vegetable glycerin, polysorbate 20 (derived from coconut oil), in a base of distilled water.

†Alcohol-free extracts

Eco Neti Pot, Eco Salt jar and spoon made from Ingeo™ ingenuity from plants not oils.


Remember, a nasal wash is not a substitute for medical treatment. Anyone with chronic inflammation of the nasal passages should seek medical attention.

Do not place in dishwasher or microwave.

Avoid exposure to heat over 130° F.