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Here We Flo

Here We Flo, XO! Ultra-Thin, Righteous Rubber Lubricated Condoms, Unscented, 6 Condoms

Here We Flo, XO! Ultra-Thin, Righteous Rubber Lubricated Condoms, Unscented, 6 Condoms

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  • Sex Just Got Better
  • Regenerative Rubber Initiative
  • Cruelty Free and Vegan
  • Free from Animal Products
  • Certified to ISO

Get Naked.

Whoa, Whoa, Not just yet! We mean the kind of barenaked products your body, your partner's body + the planet deserve.

At Xo! We keep our condoms clean with seriously 'Riiiiiighteous' Rubber:

  • Zero Parabens Or Petrochemicals 
  • Biodiverse, Sustainably-Sourced Natural Latex From Rubber Trees 
  • Zero Animal Testing Or Products (Like Lamb Or Casein) 
  • Ultra-Thin + Lubricated For A 'Nearly Naked' Feel

'Righteous, Righteous!' - Bringing Peace, Love + Biodiversity To Rubber 

Rubber is grown mostly in monocultures plantation challenges include unfair working conditions (e.g. child labor, low wages, abysmal environments), exploitation of smallholder, loss of biodiversity, deforestation of rainforests, and long-term environmental damage via high use of agrochemicals. Regenerative Rubber Latex is different. We work with farmers who cultivate their rubber trees in agro forestry systems. This means that in addition to the rubber tree, they also plant other useful plants; this contributes to greater biodiversity and ensures higher CO2 binding. 

Regenerative Rubber means: 

  • Fairness with farmers, above & beyond existing standards due to the purchase guarantees & premium prices 
  • Protection of ecosystems and conservation of biodiversity 
  • Transparency over the whole supply chain & in communication with customers 
  • Cooperation with smallholders when it comes to sustainable rubber cultivation 
  • 100% Regenerative Rubber Latex usage: no mixing materials or "green washing" Ah, the sweet, sexy smell of justice!

6 XO! condoms with reservoir. Transparent, smooth, 53 mm nominal width, cylindrically-formed, lubricated & unscented.

Expiration Date

03/01/2027 00:00:00




Okay, here's the boring stuff. but just like the flight safety speech before takeoff, we have to say it, and you should hear it at least once. so 'bare" with us. ha ... 

Xo! condoms are a reliable contraceptive, but no contraceptive can offer 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV/aids, and/or sexually transmitted infections (stis). If you believe you have an STI, please contact a healthcare provider. Each XO! condom is electronically tested for safety and CE marked. 

Store in a cool dry place.

This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.