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Flents, Finger Splint, Curved, S,M,L, 3 Piece Set

Flents, Finger Splint, Curved, S,M,L, 3 Piece Set

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Product Overview


  • S | M | L Combo
  • Supports & Protects Fingers

Flents® Finger Splint helps support and protect an injured finger during the healing process.

  • The curved design contours for maximum comfort
  • The lightweight, foam padded splint allows for air ventilation
  • Assorted sizes to fit any finger

Expiration Date

01/01/2028 00:00:00



Suggested Use

  • Place the splint padded side up on palm side of injured finger. End of finger should fit against upturned end of splint.
  • Using thin strips of adhesive tape, secure splint to finger in three places: first and middle joint of finger, and at the finger hand joint.
  • Wrap each strip of adhesive around finger and splint once firmly but not too tight. If finger becomes blue, cold or numb, loosen tape slightly.


If finger is fractured, dislocated or if redness, numbness, swelling or pain occurs, seek medical attention.

For adult use. Not intended for children under 12 without supervision. If skin is broken, apply a sterile gauze over wound before applying splint. Inspect product before each use. Replace if damaged or shows signs of wear.