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Ezy Dose

Ezy Dose, Kids, Medicine Dropper, 1 Count, 5 ml

Ezy Dose, Kids, Medicine Dropper, 1 Count, 5 ml

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Product Overview


  • Calibrated
  • Easy Dose All Better™

Ezy Dose® Kids offers convenient solutions that help you provide care and comfort to your family. 

The Ezy Dose Kids Medicine Dropper helps you deliver just the right amount of medicine at the right speed with ease.

Expiration Date

01/01/2027 00:00:00



Suggested Use

  1. Wash before initial use with warm, soapy water. Rinse and allow dropper to dry completely before using. Repeat between uses.
  2. To fill with medication, squeeze bulb and insert into the medication bottle. 
  3. Slowly release bulb to draw liquid into the dropper. Hold at eye-level and squeeze dropper until medication reaches correct dose. 
  4. Place tip of dropper past the lips and teeth. Gently squeeze bulb to dispense medication.
  5. Avoid contamination by not touching the tip of the dropper to any part of the body or any other object.


Chocking hazard - Contains small parts, this product is not a toy. Keep this and all medicine out of a child's reach.