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Ezy Dose

Ezy Dose, Kids, Medi-Spout, 1 Count

Ezy Dose, Kids, Medi-Spout, 1 Count

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Product Overview


  • BPA Free
  • Swallow Pills With Ease
  • Help Your Child Transition To Swallowing Pills 
  • Minimum Pill Size: 5 mm Diameter 

Ezy Dose® Kids offers convenient solutions that help you provide care and comfort to your family. 

The Ezy Dose Kids Medi-Spout™ has an extended spout to create a smooth flow of water that gently eases pill swallowing. The cap fits most water bottles and the compact size makes it easy to take pills on-the-go.  

Expiration Date

01/01/2028 00:00:00



Suggested Use

Use of product should be closely supervised by an adult. 

1. Wash before initial use with warm, soapy water. Allow to completely dry prior to using. 

2. Gently twist and push the Medi-Spout onto the top of the water bottle (A). Hold the bottle to avoid spilling. 

3. Place one pill at a time inside the Medi-Spout to avoid risk of choking (B). 

4. Ask child to take a drink of water from the Medi-Spout and the pill will easily flow down. 

5. Repeat as needed to take additional pills. 

6. Remove Medi-Spout from water bottle after taking pills. Wash between uses.


Pills smaller than 5 millimeters diameter are not compatible with this product. Only take 1 pill at a time. This product is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children-use only with adult supervision. 

Inspect product prior to each use. Replace if product shows visible signs of wear or damage.