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Sports Research

Sports Research, Premium Drink Mixer, 1 Count

Sports Research, Premium Drink Mixer, 1 Count

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Product Overview


  • Stainless Steel
  • High Torque Motor
  • Portable
  • Battery Operated

If you like your drinks whisked, not shaken or stirred, meet the Sports Research® Premium Drink Mixer. Featuring a high torque motor and stainless steel body, the battery-operated mixer is essential for whipping up your favorite supplement-enhanced beverages. So go on: grab a tall glass of water, add in your favorite Sports Research® Collagen or Protein, and let the whisk do the rest.

Expiration Date

02/28/2026 00:00:00



Suggested Use

How to Use 

  • Place the whisk into your favorite beverage and push the button on top to begin mixing
  • Move the whisk up and down until your drink is fully mixed and you have the right amount of foam
  • Store upright. Mixer will balance on its own. No stand needed! 

How to Clean

  • To rinse: place whisk in hot water and whisk for 5 seconds
  • To dry: remove from water and whisk again for 5 seconds
  • Wash with soap as needed
  • Do not submerge handle in water

Install Batteries 

The Premium Drink Mixer features an on/off button and is powered by 3 AAA batteries. 

To install batteries: 

  • Unscrew the top section of the drink mixer. 
  • Remove battery pack and insert batteries.
  • Replace battery pack and screw top section back on.


Batteries not included.