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MAM, Perfect Pacifier, 0-3 Months, Unisex, 2 Count

MAM, Perfect Pacifier, 0-3 Months, Unisex, 2 Count

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Product Overview


  • 94% Nipple Acceptance¹
  • BPA BPS Free 
  • 45 Years 
  • Super Soft & Flexible Nipple 
  • MAM Box Sterilizes! 3 Min
  • Allows For More Natural Mouth Closure
  • Clinically Proven 
  • International Children Medical Research Society

Extra thin nipple to help promote proper oral development

Patented nipple is designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth

Developed with pediatric dentists & orthodontists

The MAM Microwave Sterilizer Box is proven effective in killing common household germs and bacteria. 

Unique nipple lets baby's mouth close more naturally

The extra-thin shape of the MAM Perfect nipple neck allows baby's mouth to close in a more natural position.

This gives teeth the room they need to grow normally and reduces the risk of misalignment.

Clinically proven: A long-term study confirms that the MAM Perfect minimizes the risk of misaligned teeth in comparison to a conventional pacifier. (Clinically Study: Germany, 2016, n=86.)

¹Market research 2010-2019, tested with 1,463 babies.

Expiration Date

07/01/2027 00:00:00




All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS.

Suggested Use

Please keep instructions for future use.

Before first use boil in water for 5 minutes. Allow to stand for a further 5 minutes before giving it to the baby. During cleaning a small amount of water may enter the nipple. This can be expelled by squeezing and shaking the nipple. This is to ensure hygiene. Clean before each use. Sterilizing methods: steam sterilizing (electric or microwave), immersing in a liquid sterilizing solution, all according to manufacturer's instructions, or boiling in water for at least 5 minutes. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents. Never dip the nipple in sweet substances or medication. This can cause tooth decay. To ensure safety and hygiene replace the pacifier every 1-2 months. Do not worry if the pacifier becomes lodged in the mouth. It cannot be swallowed and is designed to cope with such an event. Remove as gently as possible. It is common that some newborns need to familiarize themselves with a pacifier before happily sucking on it. Therefore, don't hesitate to offer the pacifier to your baby a few times when introducing it. MAM recommends giving up pacifier usage at 3 years of age.


Do not tie pacifier around child´s neck as it presents a stangulation danger. 

Safety instructions inside. Please read before use.

For your child's safety warning!

Inspect carefully before each use. Pull the pacifier in all directions. Throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness. Only use dedicated pacifier holders tested to EN 12586. Never attach other ribbons or cords to a pacifier, your child may be strangled by them. Do not leave a pacifier in direct sunlight or near a source of heat or leave in sterilizing solution for longer than recommended, as this may weaken the nipple. Disinfect in 3 minutes - for up to 48 hours.

Remove tamper-proof closure and any stickers from the box. Wash pacifiers and box with mild soapy water and then rinse with clear water before use. This is to ensure hygiene. When using the self-sterilizing method, please ensure the pacifier, box and microwave (including the waveguide-cover and turntable) are completely clean and free from dirt, food residue, fat or oil splashes. If not, this could lead to the product or box melting and the microwave sparking or the waveguide cover burning! First, hold box and fill to the mark with 25 ml / 0.9 fl. oz. of water (Fig. A). Next, place pacifier(s) in the box with the nipple facing down (Fig. B). Close box and heat in the microwave at 750-1000 watts. Set the microwave timer according to the number of boxes being simultaneously sterilized. Follow the user manual of your microwave. Don't put the sterilizer box at the center of the turntable. Don't leave your microwave unattended during sterilizing process! Stop the microwaving-process immediately if the water has evaporated. Allow to cool for at least 5 minutes. Open microwave.

The box, water and pacifiers may still be very hot after the 5 minute cooling period! After microwave sterilizing, pacifiers kept in the closed box will remain disinfected for up to 48 hours. For immediate use open box and drain remaining water. Leave pacifiers to dry in slightly open box. Check the temperature of the pacifiers before use! Improper water level, power level or time setting can damage the microwave, pacifiers and box and result in poor disinfection! For use only with MAM Pacifiers! Keep sterilizer box away from children.