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D-UP, Wonder Eyelid Tape, One-Side, 144 Tapes

D-UP, Wonder Eyelid Tape, One-Side, 144 Tapes

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Product Overview


  • Skin Color, High-Quality Ultra-Thin One-Side Tape
  • Breathable Invisible Double Eyelid Adhesive Tape

With adhesive plaster technology, this eyelid tape will be blended in skin-color when it's applied on the skin. This stretchable tape fits very well on your eyes, and keeps your ideal double lids whole day while resisting water or sweat all day long.

Expiration Date

11/21/2025 00:00:00



Suggested Use

  1. Decide your Ideal double eyelid line.
  2. Put the tape on your eyelid.
  3. Push S-shaped stick (wider side) onto your eyelid.
  4. Adjust the crease With thinner side of the stick.
  5. Dramatic Change!