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D-UP, Wonder Eyelid Tape, Mild , 120 Tapes

D-UP, Wonder Eyelid Tape, Mild , 120 Tapes

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Product Overview


0.09mm high-quality ultra-thin transparent tape. High adhesive tape to keep the double eyelid while resisting water or sweat all day long!!

What is a different between Extra type and Mild type? 

It is a difference of hardness of the adhesive. Extra type's adhesive tape is harder than Mild type. (Recommend for who likes dramatic and clearly looks.) Mild type's adhesive tape is flexible than Hard type. (Recommend for who likes natural and soft looks.) However, ingredient of tape is absolutely same and there is no difference of water (or sweat) resistant. Please choose by your preference!! 

Expiration Date

11/21/2025 00:00:00




Polyester (tape).

Suggested Use

  1. Decide your ideal double eyelid line. 
  2. Set a tape on V stick. 
  3. Put the tape on your eyelid. 
  4. Push V stick into your eyelid. 
  5. Adjust the crease 
  6. Dramatic Change!


For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.