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Clean Skin Club

Clean Skin Club, Clean Towels, Disposable, 25 Count

Clean Skin Club, Clean Towels, Disposable, 25 Count

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Product Overview


  • Redefining Clean
  • 100% USDA Bio-Based
  • Clinically Tested
  • Vegan

Why Clean Towels 

Regular towels can be much dirtier than you might think. Dead skin, detergent residue, and bacteria can reside in the fibers of conventional bath towels or washcloths, and even persevere through a laundry cycle. Bacteria is a living organism that can breed, thrive, and multiply exponentially- especially when kept in a damp and dark environment, such as a bathroom. If you ever encounter a towel that smells funky, now you know why! 

The Clean Towels were invented to provide a more hygienic way to dry your face and elevate your skincare routine. They're famed for their softness, durability, and making you feel confident in your skincare routine. Clean Towels are the ultimate countertop companion for anyone who strives to keep their skin as clean and healthy as possible.

About Clean Towels

The Clean Towels are a Clean Skin Club original creation. They are Dermatologist approved, disposable facial towels made of ultra soft, premium viscose that is OEKO-TEX and USDA Biobased certified. The Clean Towels were created to be a hygienic alternative to regular face towels and an all-around staple in your beauty routine and home. Once you try them, you'll never want to go back to using your old washcloth! 

About The Fabric

We take pride in choosing the highest quality fabric for our Hygiene Collection products. Our Clean Towels' fabric material is equipped with the following certifications:

Expiration Date

01/01/2026 00:00:00



Suggested Use

Using Clean Towels: 

  • Dry your face after cleansing 
  • Pair with a makeup remover to gently and effortlessly remove makeup 
  • Wet and use to remove face masks, mess free 
  • Wet and use with a cleanser for gentle exfoliation 
  • Maximize your Clean Towels' use by cleaning your counter and sink before tossing!